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What’s better than free?  Something that makes you money!

As Professional World Champion auctioneers we value our services that we can offer to you.  We are asked to provide volunteer auctioneer services at many events throughout the year.  Understandably, we cannot offer our services for free.  We have rates dependant on your unique requirements, from complete consultation to providing an auctioneer for your event, we can help you raise much needed funds for your charity. 

Over the years we have found that many charities will pay for the venue, staff, food, entertainment and ask that the auctioneer be a volunteer.  A volunteer auctioneer could be the most costly expense of your entire event.  Some may think anyone with a strong voice and a sense of humor can lead an auction.  Unfortunately your non profit will never know how much money a volunteer auctioneer has left in the room.

A professional auctioneer, especially one who specializes in fundraising auctions keeps up the tempo, adds new revenue streams like Fund A Need and will make a huge difference in your bottom line. A professional benefit auctioneer’s “art” is to know how to spur on bidding and the exact moment to say “sold.” In this economy, why risk it?

If you have retained a professional benefit auctioneer, congratulations.  His or her pace will be about two minutes per item. Uniquely trained and dedicated to raising money for nonprofits, a professional benefit auctioneer will increase your net profits, engage your audience and generate fun and excitement. How? A professional auctioneer can sell more items than a volunteer or celebrity, plus he or she can maximize bidding and momentum that keeps those bid cards waving. Volunteers or celebrities who conduct your live auction, will take as much as five plus minutes per item costing you time and loss of revenue. (The most expensive cost to you is sometimes a free volunteer auctioneer!)

Additionally, many professional auctioneers also provide invaluable pre-auction consultation to assist you to design your auction timeline, flow of the event, determine what goes in the silent auction and what goes into the live auction plus places your live auction items in the proper selling order to maximize excitement and fundraising.

Each auction and organization is unique, some auctions have 200+ auction items and some have only three. It’s important to consider and review all factors of your event to determine the just right number of items for a record breaking benefit auction!

Hiring a professional auctioneer isn’t just about having them sell for 15 minutes, it includes that auctioneer understanding and being committed to raising funds for your cause, discussing and following up with committees, attending fundraising auctioneer seminars and courses, continuing education on the auction industry and the law, bid calling training, attending your event in a professional manner, working with an MC or host for the evening and much more. 

Need help?  If it’s your first event, start it off on the right foot, and if it’s starting to be one of the last, breathe new life and dollars into your cause! If you or your auction committee needs assistance from the very beginning to the final event – or need a professional auctioneer for the evening, feel free to contact In Touch Auction Events, we can help. 

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