The incentive for people to give your organization money, while having fun and competing for wonderful merchandise and unique items, is that the dollars raised go towards helping your cause.  We will lead you through a formula that will make your group the most money for their time and effort by having an irresistible live and silent auction as the base for your event.  Other pockets of revenue worth thousands of dollars will be shared with your group.


Our experience in the fundraising arena has allowed us to accumulate an abundance of fresh ideas and a proven plan that works.  We are masters of creativity and will provide our talent and imagination from the beginning ‘seed’ of the idea, through organizational meetings, program development and the rewards of offering a fun-filled sensational and successful event.


Menu of Services


The following services are included in the complete Auction Event Package:

- Initial Consultation and Advice

- Personal Event and Fund Raising Manual and Handouts – a complete guide to running your event

- Committee Workshop

- Consultant will attend your ‘kick off’ meeting, major committee meeting and/or conference calls

- Assistance and advice for your theme selection and development throughout your event

- Assistance and advice for Location Selection and Catering

- Assistance and advice for Décor, Lighting and Sound

- Assistance and guidance for solicitation of items for Auction Events

- Consultation and guidelines for the production of your outstanding catalogue and how to make this another valuable source of revenue

- Advice and Supervision for set up and display for the auction areas

- Effective scheduling and the order of the evening events assistance

- Basic training for manual system of cashiering and clerking of auction

- Sample clerking sheets that can be printed

- Sample bid cards for your guests

- Pockets of Revenue that can add thousands of dollars to your event revenue

- Professional Award Winning Fundraising and Benefit Auctioneers

- Event Auction Report

- Follow up meeting for event review

- Making plans for next years event


In Touch Auction Events has raised thousands of dollars for schools and religious organizations.

Churches are finding it difficult to fill the pews on a Sunday – this often translates into less help for their famous bake sales.

Schools have their education budgets slashed and parents are the new fundraisers for both private and public schools.  There are many ideas in addition to bake-sales.

In Touch Auction Event Auctioneers will share ideas that will amaze you and put more dollars towards your cause:

Education budgets across the country have been slashed so parents and friends of children in public and private schools are trying to raise money for their school.  In many cases it is not ‘frills’ that are required it is computers, books, supplies, uniforms, educational trips, sports equipment, art supplies, etc.

 In Touch Fundraising Events will take you Beyond the Bake Sale, and share with you many methods of raising money.  We have tried and true methods, we can help you design an event that is unique to your school or church.

We will help you:

  • encourage volunteers to join the fundraising team (when they see how motivated and excited you are, they will want to be part of the team).
  • Explore ‘signature’ events where you raise more money at one event rather than spread it out over several smaller events such as car washes and bake sales.
  • Form community partnerships and sponsorships that will add additional revenue.
  • Learn how to ask for support from companies, individuals and services you already know.
  • Identify the talents of everyone on the team and use them to the best advantage to raise funds.
  • Develop timelines and checklists that everyone can use.
  • Identify the diversity within the group and encourage everyone to share their skills and talents.  Inclusive, not exclusive, provides amazing results.
  • Embrace cultural differences and showcase your school or church.

Do you need to raise money this year?

Let us help you reach new goals – If you can imagine it – we can help you make it come true!

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